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Vasso Vougiouka: Ready to leave Greece

You had won an Olympic medal? You had honored your country with exceptional athletic performance and your country had honored you with a job in the public sector? these times are gone. – See more at: The champion of fencing in an interview announced its intention to leave for abroad, if he loses the position of the General Secretariat of Sports, following the government’s decision to include the list of 12,500 people from the public sector.will be the end of month in mobility and Greek athletes working in the public because of their successes in major international competitions. “It’s very sad what’s going to happen, because we are athletes strive for the best possible, elevate Greece tall and politicians, in return, we wander back. In the poorest countries distinguished athletes have some privileges. But all we need to work! There is a solution to the world dismissed. I do not think that this will get out of the crisis, “said the newspaper” Republic “the 5th Olympic in London. He added: “If you get fired, you really will not have anything to keep me here. All these years I do everything not to leave my home, but if I lose my job, I will necessarily do it. The federation is known to be unable to pay premiums for my successes have not gotten, will I lose my job, so what do I sit? Could not cope at my expense. I’ll stay penniless. ” When asked if he intends to fight with the colors of another country to mark the approach of the Turks a few months ago, the Vougiouka said: “I regret that I refused the proposal of the Turkish fence federation (note: with bonuses reached the 500,000 euros). I took the right decision at that time. It’s a shame that unemployment has reached 60% of young people and to come out and make statements that will emerge from the crisis. This is a mockery. ” This heartfelt way the state supports a champion who refused to wear the shirt of the Turkey.