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Vandazzz by Vanda Zafeiratou

Her debut in the fashion world about a year ago was a pleasant surprise for fashionistas and experts alike. In reality, however, it was the outcome of a predetermined series of events. “My family has been importing textiles imports since 1963. I was raised with the fabrics’ seasonal changes: autumn/ winter, spring/summer! I would gather up all fabric leftovers and would make clothes as a game.” Although she studied Law, her love for fashion alonhg with her personal need, led her to create her own clothing line. “I was always making summer clothes because I could never find what I wanted – so I made my own! The encouragement of friends was the incentive I needed to turn my hobby into a job and create the Vandazzz Sunkissed Resort Collection.” The pieces from the collection stand out because of their unique character and the superb fabrics they are made from. “I use imported fabrics, mainly silk and cotton. Prints also play a predominant role in my designs. I’m working with an Italian design house that is doing an amazing job. Moreover, I design jewellery inspired by the Vandazzz logo, V-shaped palm trees, in silver and gold with semi-precious stones.”

She draws inspiration from her travels and claims to be possessed by wanderlust, the passion for travelling and seeing new places. “I travel often. Many trips are for business but the truth is that my passport is tucked in my bag each morning before I leave the house – I want to be prepared to go anywhere the moment I step outside! I get plenty of inspiration from my trips, both abroad and in Greece – there are so many small and exceptional paradises right on our doorstep. I make clothes with a destination in mind. I think I’ve got an internal compass and it always leads me to the sun and sea.” She always keeps her own requirements in mind. “Consumers have one basic rule: good quality at the right price. I am always pleased when special and different are part of the equation.” Vanda believes fashion is the emblem of a season. “That’s why it’s important! It’s a direct expression of individual style. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Fashion is a part of our lives. It can be described as ephemeral, timely, innovative and even timeless. It may not always be serious, but it’s always important.” And how has fashion impacted our times? “We live in an era when social networks are more powerful, immediate and fast than traditional media and the fashion world has moved to new terrains. Everyone is active in all social media: magazines, journalists, stylists, designers, bloggers… they all create fashion. You could say that fashion has become more democratic in recent years.” She has a close and on-going relationship with new trends. “I am constantly updating myself, mainly because I love fashion and would keep my hand in regardless of my job. As a designer, I always try to offer fresh ideas. Trends should act as a starting point and propel you forward.” Vanda reveals her plans for the upcoming season. “I’m designing clothes and jewellery for the summer. I’ve also begun designing prints that will offer a more intense personal element to the aesthetic of my clothes.”

Vanda Zafeiratou’s creations can be found on www.vandazzz. com, her showroom and at many islands and resorts.