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The Magic of Vanilla

Walking through the streets of Dapia on Spetses, the corner of my eye caught a shop with vivid colours: Vanilla. I was sure that the owners would be interesting people and as soon as I met Yiannis and Sofia, I realised that everything happens for a reason. Vanilla came about from the desire to create familiar flavours with quality ingredients and to present the traditions of the island in a contemporary way.


“I always liked expressing my love to the people closest to me by preparing for them something sweet. The smile of satisfaction accompanying each sweet bite fills me with pleasure. Or the surprise on children’s faces when they see that the figures atop a cake are edible! That was why we created Vanilla. We were inspired by the fact that vanilla is aromatic, that it takes you on a journey, it enchants you, satisfies you and is an important component of almost all sweets,” explains Sofia Syrma. Yiannis Plotas, a filmmaker from London, fell in love with Spetses, met Sofia and decided to settle permanently on the island. “My profession as filmmaker and my friendship with Alkis David were the reasons I came to Spetses, where we worked on several projects together. My contact with the island was catalytic and I decided to move here from London, where I had been living for the past 10 years. It was here that I met my partner Sofia Syrma…

Observing her passion and talent for pastry, I urged her to create a space of our own. Customers visiting our patisserie for the first time often ask my advice about what they should buy. It’s not easy to reply because I believe that all our sweets take you on a delicious journey. I do suggest they sample our traditional almond cake, prepared with a recipe that dates back many years,” confides Yiannis. “Other musts include galaktoboureko (custard pie), éclairs, millefeuille and our beloved chocolate treats,” adds Sofia. “Looking at the island from the sea, one can sense its history. Its aura enchants you the moment you set foot on it. The warmth and hospitality of the people won me over and I became a permanent resident. I love the rhythm of the island, the quiet winters and the intense summers. After all, here, one can express himself in any way he wants while enjoying coffee in Dapia, a swim at Zogeria, the sunset at Aghia Paraskevi, a meal at the traditional island taverns and a drink at the Old Harbour. I guess I enjoy it all,” confesses Yiannis. The Vanilla Patisserie on Spetses features a retro look and delicious sweets.

Vanilla Dapia

Spetses Tel.: 2298077170