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Sylvie Guillem | The most exciting dancer in the world back in Athens

Incomparable technique, precise movement, sensitive expression and, most of all, a mature art. No allowances have been made from the first time that we saw “Push”,  at the Athens Festival in 2006. On the contrary, her skill as a performer has added new expressional levels. Once again, in Athens at Athens Music Hall on December 19-30.

From 2005 you have turned to contemporary dance. Why and what do you find so interesting in these works and co-operation? Dance is an integral thing. You can find its roots in the people’s spiritual and emotional need to communicate and to express themselves; to communicate with someone near you or moreover, with God. From this point of view, the modern dance probably gives you more opportunities. Also when you come from the tight and disciplined world of the ballet, then the contact with something new and different is very interesting and pleasant.


Which are the requirements for a dancer of the 21st century? Many things have changed in dance, like in any art, even in life. I believe that the main difference is the stress due to our lifestyle.

Media and the world of dance have attributed many characterizations to you all these years. How would you describe yourself? The characterizations have to do with a game of impressions. Maybe sometimes it was me that gave the wrong impressions. You know, I always had a difficulty to express myself in words. On the other side, I didn’t want to reconcile. Everything is happening in a world which is used to listen to “yes sir, yes madam!” I always wanted to express my personal view and not just agree with what was going on. I think that I just keep the right to talk about things that I believe that are right; to search for the truth. This is me, a fragile soul with many uncertainties.

The performances of the Sylvie Guillem will take place at the Athens Concert Hall, on Decemberr 19-30