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Spetses Mini Marathon 2012


Under the iconic Poseidonion Grand Hotel as the epicentre, and for three days, Spetses welcomed over 4,000 visitors, who participated in the Spetses Mini Marathon.

As the curtain fell on the 2nd Spetses Mini Marathon, wonderful memories and great performance lingered, in addition to the certainty that the Spetses Mini Marathon ranks among the games that spark interest globally.


Thousands of Greek and international participants competed in the 2nd Spetses Mini Marathon, and over 3,300 people participated in all the events (5 & 25 km races, the 1st Cross Spetses Channel Swimming Competition, 1,000 m Children’s run). Moreover, the Cross Spetses Channel Swimming Competition, which was comprised of two events, 2,500 m and 5,000 m, attracted more than 300 swimmers, the largest marathon swimming race in Greece.

Spetses Mini Marathon in numbers

  • 380 children
  • 1,500 runners
  • 340 swimmers
  • 200 volunteers on land and at sea
  • 12 embassies
  • 12 traditional boats
  • 4 inflatable boats
  • 1,500 pieces of pie for the Spetsiot Treats
  • 1,000 packages of pasta at the MELISSA Free Pasta Night
  • 3,000 visitors spent the weekend on Spetses
  • 1,500 spectators attended the events of the weekend
  • 300 athletes from 6 sports clubs from Greece and abroad (England, France)
  • 8,000 bottles of water
  • 2,000 isotonic drinks