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Spetses Classic Yacht Race

The inaugural event of the Spetses Classic Yacht Race 2011 was held in September 2011 in the picturesque island of Spetses, only 54 nautical miles from Pireus port. In deference to Spetses’ naval history and tradition, for the first time in racing history, Aegean Classic Schooners raced alongside Classic Yachts, offering an unforgettable experience for both spectators and crews.


The idea of this unique race was to bring together proud institutions with common heritage and classical aesthetics combined with world-class organization creating a memorable event. In particular, the race featured some of the most renowned classic yachts in Greece against the backdrop of the picturesque historic island of Spetses with its rich naval and shipbuilding tradition which is unequalled in the Mediterranean. In 2012 the Spetses Classic Yacht Race had more than 50 participants, among them some of the most beautiful classic boats and Aegean Classic Schooners in Greece. Moreover, the SeaScouts raced alonside other participants in their beautiful lateens winning warm applause from all spectators.