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Shipyards and Dockyards

Places where smell of dye and anti-fouling paint is floating in the air… mingling with the dust from the sander and the ribbon saw, the power washer… places where sounds are unique and words are unheard, full of magic…


 According to Anastasios Orlandos, a historian from the island of Spetses, the quality of wooden hulls constructed at the traditional shipyards of Spetses was so good, that after the Greek Revolution the Ottomans commissioned numerous vessels there. Eventhough the shipyards of Spetses and Hydra never stopped building traditional wooden boats, today they face the danger of extinction. Not even the rare charm they add to the harbour is enough to prevent them from ultimately disappearing. Nowadays, the traditional art of building wooden vessels as well as the skilled craftsmen are becoming extinct. In order to preserve this national heritage it is paramount that both their premises as well as their scope are regulated by law. This is the first and foremost prerequisite in ensuring that the traditional craft of wooden shipbuilding lives on.