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Pininfarina on two wheels

Bespoke bicycle company 43 Milano turned to the design excellence of Pininfarina, better known for their iconic super car designs, to bring you the Fuoriserie, a beautiful fixed gear bicycle that pushes the envelope in terms of aesthetics, ridability and energy efficiency. Apart form the stunning retro look of the Fuoriserie, the bike is enabled with a Bike+ micro engine by Zehus.


Zehus is a spinoff company from Politecnico di Milano that provides the Fuoriseire with an engine that optimises the synergy between the electric motor and the human body. No energy goes to waste in this bicycle making ridability in urban situations and when touring to another level. Leaning on the Italian expertise in retro styled bicycles the Fuoriserie uses outstanding components, including the saddle and handlebar covered in natural leather by The Bridge, brakes by Campagnolo, and H Plus Son special rims. Pininfarina looked to the tailor-made cars of the thirties when designing the Fuoriserie going for a combination of traditional modern and classical materials. The frame is made of chromed steel tubes hand-welded by skilled artisans and adorned with a walnut briar-root coating. There’s a high performance LED lamp and a ‘connect the plug system’ that allows you to recharge your phone from the dynamo.