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Paco Borao – Marathon Race is a Fiesta

Paco Borao is President of Correcaminos de Valencia, which organises the Marathon and Half Marathon in Valencia, both of which are AIMS members – the Marathon being such since 1986. Paco Borao grew up in Spain and France, where he played football and is fluent in both languages, and also in English. He became a member of the Board of AIMS in 1996 and took on membership issues at the start of a period of sustained growth in the organisation which saw membership increase from 115 to 304 members.In March 2007 he was appointed as a member of the IAAF Road Running Commission and, just a few days later at the Xiamen World Congress, was elected Vice-President of AIMS. He became President at the 18th World Congress of AIMS held in Athens on 30 October 2010.

Athens Classic Marathon. What is your first thought?

The origin of this beautiful and emotive citizenship movement called running; the race every running lover dreams to run one day, feeling the emotion of taking the road a soldier took one day 2500 years ago to perform one of the greatest hits in History. And I mean it!


What means Marathon to you?

Marathon is a myth, and as such very difficult to explain, simply because legends don’t need explanation. Marathon, Greece, Olympism are part of the most beautiful words .

What is AIMS’s vision and what’s your vision of the AIMS’s future?

Being Frank, even ourselves are amazed with the International, worldwide success of our sport, and consequently of AIMS. It is true that I always thought that our founders were clever, setting simple, short and clear objectives: fostering and promoting marathons, exchanging information, knowledge and expertise among members of the association, and obviously working with the International Athletics Federations IAAF. No more, no less.

AIMS already has an office in Athens. Tells us about this decision.

This opportunity came in after our 18th World Congress of AIMS where I was elected President; the proposal of setting such an office in Athens was an opportunity for AIMS and I believe also for Athens and consequently its Athens Classic Marathon; in summary a win-win deal which set our Headquarters at Spyros Louis Avenue; who could think about a better name for our address?

Athens Classic Marathon reach the figure of 30.000 participants for 2013. In your opinion what are the causes of this increase?

Athens would register such a number in the three different distances (marathon, 10K and 5K) proving that in the birth place of the marathon things are well done for the promotion of the whole event, and that the action plan which started in 2010 with the 2500 anniversary of the Battle of Marathon has been very well worked out.

What does race day, look like for you?

We have the right Word for this in Spain; the marathon race day is a total FIESTA; full of good feelings, joy, people not knowing each other and running and talking side by side for many kilometers; again, a total fiesta!