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With blue wicker chairs, marble-top tables and fine dining, it instantly became a preferred destination. In 1999, the name was changed to Orloff, to tie in with its “baby brother”, the Orloff Resort, which is also situated on the old harbour. The menu was also revamped, with several new Greek entrees and shades of Mediterranean cuisine.


The restaurant is housed in a historical mansion that was built in 1802, which also housed the first Port Authority of Spetses and more specifically in a section of the building used as originally a storage area for sails, boats and ropes. The building later on was converted into a fish shop, a hostel for young people, and was later the home of Mr Vachliotis, who entertained the likes of Georges Moustaki, Melina Mercouri, Natalia Melas and many others on his terrace. The spectacular terrace offers magnificent views of the coast of the Peloponnese, the islands of Dokos, Hydra and Trikeri, and the old mansion-lined harbour. With an excellent glass of wine from the cellar in hand, enjoy the gorgeous view while dining at the Orloff Restaurant, and allow your soul to be filled with serenity.


Old Harbour, Spetses

+30 22980 75255