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Navarino Challenge 2nd Day

Greek American Dean Karnazes, the world’s most famous ultramarathon man, is launching an unprecedented three day run in Greece today to promote awareness of the Mediterranean diet and to fight childhood obesity. We’ll be bringing you more information on his campaign over the next few days. In the meantime, learn more about Dean and his Navarino Challenge in Greece:  “On Friday, the 51-year-old ultra-marathon runner – described by some as the fittest man on the planet – takes that message to the Peloponnese, one of the poorest regions in a nation that now holds the unenviable position of being the unhappiest in Europe. There, over three days, he will run from his ancestral village, high in the mountains of Arcadia, to the Messinian plain in a triple-pronged effort to promote sports tourism to the debt-stricken country, highlight the perils of child obesity – a growing problem in Greece since the advent of the debt crisis, as poverty forces changes in eating habits – and raise awareness of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet to which he subscribes religiously. “Hardship and adversity make you stronger,” he insisted with his parents, both second-generation Greek-Americans, looking on. “Change is never easy but the Greeks have clearly realised that they couldn’t keep going down the same path. As painful as it has been, there has been somewhat of a cleansing of the economy and with that has come hope.”