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Natalia Mela.The Artist

Natalia-MelaThe woman who fascinated painter Yiannis Moralis and whose portrait is nowadays the trademark of the Greek National Gallery boasts a charming personality while her artworks are found in several significant collections throughout Greece and abroad. Her family has one of the most impressive genealogical trees, and her ancestors are some of the most important figures of Modern Greek history.You therefore have to be very careful with Nata – as her friends call her – when it comes to mentioning Greece, as she gets instantly agitated due to the generations of fighters, prime ministers, mayors, politicians and entrepreneurs who are part of her unique DNA.

“My mom bought our house on Spetses next to the Kapodistrian Cultural Centre after the war. She sold a farm we had in Evia, because Evia was so far and there was no use keeping it, and she bought this one on Spetses, because her friends were here and they all used to play cards, I think; Koula Kalliga, the Leonidas couple, who used to own Spetsopoula back then, the Averoffs – that was my mother’s group of friends,” she explains. From that point onwards, Natalia Mela will never leave Spetses. That’s where they chose, along with her husband Aris Konstantinidis, to build their country house right after their marriage, in 1951.