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Nafplio Planning to Construct Waterway

The town of Nafplio plans to construct a waterway that will further promote tourism growth in the area, according to Nafplio mayor Dimitris Kostouros on Thursday, speaking after his meeting with a representative of the Hellenic Sea Planes, which specialises in the sector in in Greece. The mayor estimated that the operation of a waterway in the area will upgrade the quality of offered services to visitors. “An investment in the specific sector will help Nafplio to evolve into an area with quality tourism and will act cumulatively – with the correct operation of the port and the construction of a marina – in substantial development of the complex tourist flow”. Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece and a city full of historic references, is within driving distance from the major archaeological sites of ancient Nemea, Mycanae and Tiryns in the Argolid.