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NAFPLIO Paradise and History

The “Naples of the East”, as it was referred to by Venetian rulers, spread its roots with respect for its historicity while the Nafplio of today, the first capital of Greece in 1828 under Kapodistrias (Greece’s first Prime Minister after the Ottoman occupation), is still adorned with all its traditional elements, untouched by the passage of time. Bourtzi, which was built on the small island of Agion Theodoron is the focal point of the city, keeping old legends alive, a brightly lit presence in the Argolic Gulf. A stroll through Constitution Square and along the quaint alleys of Psaromahalas, which seem untouched by time, or even walking to nearby sandy beaches is an experience to remember, be it winter or summer. There are so many attractions that one must return again and again to continue to experience the charming world Nafplio offers; the narrow and wide streets, the large old squares and the new small squares, and, the Ottoman fountains which grace the Venetian, neoclassical and new buildings, all architectural jewels.

Nafplio Photos

Acronafplia is the Acropolis of Nafplio. The Turkish called it Its-Kale, which translates to inner fortress. The fortress was built by the Franks, passed on to the Byzantines and then the Turks. Kapodistrias built a church and hospital. The fortress later became the “Prison of Theodore Kolokotronis”, who was imprisoned there after being convicted of organizing a rebellion against the monarchy. Petrobey Mavromicahlis, who was accused of conspiracy like the Great Kolokotronis, was imprisoned in the same fortress in 1821. The craggy Acronafplia peninsula, which has been inhabited since prehistoric times, affords visitors an outstanding panoramic view: the Old Town, the spectacular Bourtzi, the magical Gulf of Nafplio, the charming Argolic planes and the beautiful beaches of Arvanitia.

Nafplio is the ideal base for discovering the surrounding area as it is just 30 kilometres from Epidaurus, 25 kilometres from Mycenae and 4 kilometres from the archaeological site of Tirynth. A weekend getaway from ones daily routine is beautifully complimented by the serenity of the sea, and particularly in the summer, with a dip into Karathona, the most famous beach in the area, just a few kilometres from Anapli, or even by Tolos, a popular tourist destination.