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Motorcycling Club of Ermionida

My name is Yiannis Volis and I am from Fournoi of Kranidi. I left for a few years, but I decided to come back home. In the past, I have been the president of the Motorcycling Club of Ermionida (LE.MO.ER.), however, since I am bit older now, I serve as the representative of the club, helping young people with my expertise and my knowledge. I want young people to be in front of things and to gather knowledge from this sport.

We are involved with enduro, trial and excursions. We have athletes who take part in the Panhellenic Championship. We travel around Greece, enjoying its beautiful places, interacting with other people. We also have other activities in the Club too. We have a volunteer’s group for forest and environment conservation, and during the summer we take shifts in forest-watch, always in cooperation with the fire brigade. We organize trekking trips at our region’s rivers and mountains, trekking on paths we have created, where people unrelated to the sport of motorcycling may participate in. We also organize safe driving seminars for school children at middle schools and high schools.