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Melissa Odabash | Beachwear for stars

The American born but London-based beachwear designer who dresses the most famous stars for their exotic swims, did the photo shoot of her latest collection at the remarkable Amanzoe Villas in the Peloponnese.

What motivated you to become a designer and why did you decide to design beachwear? I was a swimsuit model for many years and realised that there were no elegant and simple designs available in the market. Beachwear was the natural evolution of swimwear, so I designed a line that met everyday holiday needs and included hats and other accessories.

What was the inspiration for your latest collection? I’ve always loved soft colours like nude, beige and dusty pink and yearned to reissue some of my favourite lines and prints. I returned to my roots and developed some incredible animal prints, which tied in beautifully with the many different textures of the collection. From lace and crochet to metallic shades and fine silk, I believe I’ve identified the character and style of the Melissa Odabash woman. I adore the scruffy boho style, while embroidered caftans with gold details are also favourites. In addition, I’ve embraced the sport trend, and have launched a collection dedicated to it.

Why did you choose the Amanzoe Villas for the photo shoot of your new collection? I’ve always loved the Amanzoe resort and the Amanzoe Villas and I believe it’s the ideal place to present my collection. It’s elegant and perfectly serene; fully capturing the feeling I had dreamt of and created in my mind.

What do you like most about the Amanzoe Villas and the Peloponnese in general? Their site is impressive, offering the most stunning panoramic views of the Peloponnese – especially at sunset.

Have you travelled elsewhere in Greece? Yes, I’ve been to Skiathos and Mykonos, both of which I loved! Greece has some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen, not to mention a wonderful atmosphere and unique aura. I remember sharing a house with 20 friends and dancing until 5.00 in the morning!

What are your next goals? I will be focusing more on the Asian market, and I am preparing a number of exciting projects here as well.