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Melissa Metaxa – Isapera

Melissa Metaxa is a new fashion designer who creates clothes and sandals, yet she is no newbie in the world of fashion. Over the last 15 years she has been working for her family business based in Greece. She is as familiar with the philosophy of the Greek and the international fashion industry, as she is with the idea of frequent traveling. Using her unerring instinct, Melissa Metaxa hearkens to the latest fashion trends, the hottest details emerging each year at the leading international clothes shows, and brings Greek people the best choice there is. The designer’s rich experience and her spirit of adventure led to the decision of creating her own brand. Even though she mulled over this new entrepreneurial idea for quite some time, she made the great step in 2010. Almost four years ago, Melissa Metaxa designed her first sandals collection. At first, it was out of mere curiosity about the production process. Later, after doing the first crush test at her family’s clothes shop, Isapera was born. Her daily contact with customers gave her the self confidence she needed to take the risk. Isapera has a clearly Greek character, as sandals are the trademark of the Greek summer. “People abroad love looking at pictures from Greece” notes the designer. This is the reason why the collection was photographed rather austerely in Mykonos, bringing images from the Cycladic island to the entire world. The brand’s name is ingenious and, even though it is Greek, it escapes the strict borders of language. Isapera means “far away” in Greek. It is easy to pronounce and imaginative without necessarily giving away its country of origin. Following her “look ahead and walk ahead” motto, Melissa Metaxa combines classic sandals with animal prints and metallic touches. She treats leather gently or simply leaves it natural and unprocessed. The dominant colours are red and electric blue and this year the collection includes striped tops or black minimalist designs. The collection is available in shops all over Greece, e-boutiques as well as shops around the world. Melissa Metaxa did not stop there though. Almost parallel to the sandals line, she presented her own clothes line named “Wildwood”, aimed exclusively for women.