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Maya Zoulovits: Minimal chic with a twist

The young jewellery designer managed to capture the publics’ attention with her impressive creations in a short period of time.

How did you first get involved with jewellery? My journey into the world of jewellery began a few years ago when an International Baccalaureate High Level Art teacher gave me some metal and asked me to make a piece of jewellery, taking into account that I liked to make complex, complicated and imaginative creations. Both of us were excited by the result and my dream to create very soon became a reality. After completing my studies in International Design and Communication Management in Great Britain, I returned to Greece, where I soon found a “house” for my love for design and jewellery making at a special place in Kifissia.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? From daily life and everything within it. A source of inspiration can be a moment, an event, a beautiful thought, something I first put down on paper and then construct with metal.

What are your favourite materials? I work with gold, silver, gold plated metals, pearls, semi-precious stones and threads, both simple and silk.

How would you characterise your jewellery? Minimal chic with a twist. 

How did you start Maya’s Workshop? About two years ago I decided I wanted a  space to house my dreams. So I found a small shop in Kifissia and “filled” it with everything “Maya” and placed my jewellery in every corner.

Do you listen to music while you work? I enjoy Music Essentials CDs – the perfect combination of essential artists and composers. I like pop music, and also a few more ‘chilling’ titles.