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Lovegreece – The Souvenir Brand

Lovegreece™ is a visionary label that aims to become an iconic brand, creating the most stylish souvenir clothing and promoting what is known as Greek Chic in a cool and contemporary way. Through our products and campaigns, we want to spread the love for Greece and the concept of enjoying life in a relaxed style, around the world.


We actively support Greek agriculture and industry producing 100% “Made in Greece” products, using the finest Greek raw materials and ensuring that all stages of production take place in Greece. We dream of becoming a lovebrand for all people that lovegreece anywhere in the world. The Cotton used for our 100% pure, Greek and lovely T-shirts is Planted during Spring in Thessaly and Harvested early in Autumn, depending on weather conditions, mainly rainfalls. Processing, such as Ginning, Spinning, Knitting and Dyeing takes place in Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace, later in Autumn. Cutting, Sewing, Stamping & Packaging is completed all through the Winter, in Thessaly and Attica. The brand new Lovegreece T-Shirts are ready for the Spring Summer collection on our website and can soon be found all over Greece.