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Lighthouses of the World

The Historical Archive Museum of Hydra and the Maritime Museum of Crete inaugurated in the exhibition hall of the Historical Archive Museum of Hydra lighthouse stamps and material on “Lighthouses of the World”. The lighthouses stamps is from Konstantinos Korres’s collection, philatelist, collector and member of «Lighthouse Stamp Society» Total of 208 countries have issued stamps lighthouses while total Lighthouses in the world are 4,250. The Greek lighthouses were designed stamps are 8 and made by hand by a retired Navy officer, author and cartoonist, Gisis Papageorgiou. Particularly in relation to the Lighthouse “Zourva ‘Hydra apart from the impressive visual, were exhibited and on the designer-creator, Hydra architect Savva Emmanuel Boukis (1820-1910), whose bust that will expose the work 1900 of the famous sculptor Fytali Lazarus (1831-1909), kindly offered to I.A.M. Hydra as a donation of gallerist. Ms. Peggy Zoumboulaki, great-granddaughter of Savva Emmanuel Boukis


Museum of Hydra

August 31 – September 30, 2013

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