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Land Art

On the gentle hills of Agios Emilianos, an entire village «dressed» in lush Greek flora suddenly appears. In 2001 a well-known Greek shipping family decided to transform a fifty thousand square metre expanse into an “old-style” village in this beautiful corner of the Peloponnese. Renowned architect Dimitris Sfyris, in collaboration with the family, built a village which, although brand new, looks as though it has been there for ever. Centered around the main square, houses for family members were built, to be followed by houses, a tavern, bar, outdoor bars, open-air classical music theatre, tennis courts, church, pool, gym and many auxiliary buildings.

The village was created with a view to revive Greek culture, but has been adapted to the needs of the owners offering the best of services to its discerning guests. The buildings have been positioned in order to ensure the best views and in accordance with the terrain. The expansive visastarts at the coast of Ermonida and stretch all the way to the islands of Dokos, Hydra, Trikeri and and on clear days to Parapola. The landscape was designed by renowned French landscape architect Jean Mus, who selected natural Greek plants for the estate. Hundreds of olive trees, grape vines, lemon, cypress and pine trees, and oleanders were planted, interspersed with aromatic plants that do not require much water. All the slopes are covered in various shades of green as far as the eye can see and the aromas of rosemary, thyme, oregano and rosemary fill the air. Because of the family’s fondness for arts and culture, the estate is decorated with the exquisite works of famous sculptors, like a vast outdoor gallery with works by Natalia Mela, Lallane, Xavier Corbeiro and others adorn the gardens.