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Karolos Koun: We must have to believe in miracles to make miracles

Karolos Koun was one of the few stage directors who managed to leave an everlasting imprint on Greece’s contemporary history. Born in Prousa of Asia Minor, he carried within the Eastern spirit that was incorporated in most of his theater productions.


As teacher at the famous Greek school, Athens College, in the 1930s, he produced and directed in daringly experimental ways Aristophanes’ comedies, Euripides’ tragedies and Shakespearean plays, featuring school students as players. He founded the famous “Laiki Skini” in 1934 and later the “Art Theater” in 1942. Both of his schools produced numerous talented actors, who continue his legacy until today. In the “Art Theater” he presented ancient drama ,such as “Orestia”, “Oedipus Tyrannous”, “Persae”, “Birds”, “Acharnians”,” Plutos”, as well as great plays of the universal dramaturgy, by Tennessee Williams, Jean Anouilh, Arthur Miller, Lorca, Ibsen, De Filippo, Pirandello, Beckett, Pinter. He also directed works of contemporary Greek playwrights, such as Kambanellis, Anagnostakis, Kehaidis, Skourtis, Sevastikoglou, Pontikas.