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Imam Baildi- Enjoy Greek music

Orestis and Lysandros Falireas, the brothers who formed the band Imam Baildi, share with us their recipe for fun music.

How was the band formed? Our first album was a studio project, and we hadn’t thought out how we would play our music live. Once it was released, we started receiving offers to perform in concert. These kinds of projects are usually presented in DJ sets, but we decided that people might not find that interesting enough and created a band so we could play live music. We started with two Balkan wind instruments and later added the guitar, bouzouki and vocals. The band took its final form about three years after the first album was released.

What’s new in your new album? It has several remixes reminiscent of our earlier work. The “Fading Away All Alone” (“Argosvineis Moni” in Greek) remix has already been released as a single. The album also contains three new songs, two with our music and lyrics and one instrumental. We recently released “The Note” (“To Simioma” in Greek) which has already been aired on radio in Athens. And, of course, there are many more songs, each with their own sound. Overall, we feel it’s a more mature album, with simpler, more meaningful ideas. A significant difference between this album and our earlier work is that more band members were involved in producing it and, of course, Rena Morfi sings in several tracks. Hence, the songs are performed in large part by the band, and they are not based as much on samples as our first two albums.

What will the title be? Simply: Imam Baildi – III. The third album is a very important step for all bands. Producing a third album means that you’ve made some progress, but you now need to outperform yourself, to make an even better album and present something different to your work so far. These are thoughts that were constantly on our minds as we were working on this album and we couldn’t fit them all in the title, so we gave it a symbolic name: Three.

What are the difficulties in remixing a song? Every creative process is difficult when approached seriously and honestly. We began by remixing and have learned the tricks of tweaking a song. That’s the process to be followed, no matter whether the music was written by someone else or is our own composition. Even when writing our own music, we set it aside for a while and then return to it and change it to a point of no return. It’s difficult to create something that is as moving when it is complete as when you started working on it.