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Euripides, Medea, Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Medea’s a man! Giorgos Kimoulis returns to Epidaurus to play Euripides’ archetypal heroine in a unique production with an all-male, masked cast. A tragedy with modernistic elements, Medea (431 BC) addresses the eternal struggle between Man and Woman as well as the clash between two cultures. A complex, alluring creature, the princess from Colchis, a foreigner in Corinth, experiences the ultimate betrayal at Jason’s hands. Medea the witch vows to take her revenge and comes up with the most inhuman punishment of all.

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Theatro Vassilakou – Spyros A. Evangelatos

Euripides, Medea

5-6 July, 21:00

Ticket Prices

VIP: 45€

ZoneΑ: 35€

Zone Β: 25€, 15€ (students)

Upper tier: 10€, 5€ (students, unemployed, people with movement difficulties)

Direction – Dramaturgy Spyros Α. Evangelatos

Costume Design Giannis Metzikof

Music Thanos Mikroutsikos


Giorgos Kimoulis

Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos

Tasos Nousias

Manos Vakousis

Nikolas Papagiannis

Nikos Anastasopoulos

Dimitris Papanikolaou

and a 12-member Chorus