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Ermioni – A Beautiful Peninsula

Built amphitheatrically on both sides of a narrow strip of land leading to Bisti, a dense pine forest, Ermioni is a unique town, reminiscent of an island. Wandering along cobblestone streets lined with pretty houses, one reaches the slope of the ancient Pronos hill, with the church of Agias Ermionis at its peak, constructed in an island style on the foundations of a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera.

The view from the top of the hill is breath-taking: the eastern horizon stretches as far as the islands of Hydra and Dokos, where the oldest shipwreck in the world was found. Sport lovers can visit the nearby island of Kapari and the Kallianos Diving Centre. There are plenty of places to swim, such as Bisti beach, Kouverta, Sentoni, Petrothalassa, Ag. Dimitrios and Dardiza. The island of Hydra is opposite Ermioni, 20 minutes away, and Spetses is accessible via Costa, just 10 minutes away.