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Erieta Vordoni – Poetry and Paintings

The veranda doors of the Vordoni summer house on Spetses open onto water and sand. Thus, Erietta Vordoni’s childhood was inextricably woven with the sea, which greatly influenced her artistic outlook. Her plexiglass-contained paintings are like three-dimensional screens, where the blue planet seems to beget trees, horses and nudes. “I would gaze on the endless blue from the balconies of our house, observing the play of light on blue, with sunrise on one side and sunset on the other,” says Erietta Vordoni.


“The transparency of water has impacted me and the way I approach my work.”Epicurus, a Greek philosopher of this period, was the inspiration behind Vordoni’s “The Garden of Epicurus”, a monumental installation (18x2m) to be exhibited next year at the Tenri Cultural Institute in Manhattan. “Epicurus was the hippie of his time. He believed that the happy man was honest, ethical and fair – and these traits went both ways. He talked about his love of nature, the important role it plays in our lives and the respect it commands. He also spoke of friendship – he who loves and has friends is happy.” With dozens of exhibitions in leading galleries around the world, Erietta has caught the eye of several important collectors. She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts at Yannis Moralis’ studio. “I won the prize for nudes. We finished together, he retired from teaching and I completed my studies. I went to Paris, where it was customary to sit exams for a Masters degree. I considered that to be unacceptable. When you are young, you are also courageous. “You will either accept me based on my portfolio or I will not come,” I said.

This year, an exhibition featuring her work will be held in Spetses (from July 15th to August 20th), which she finds particularly affecting. The group exhibition with her good friend Pavlos Samios, Chryssa Vergi and Eirini Daniolou will be hosted by the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, the historic hotel restored by her brother, Manolis Vordonis, President of Spetses Initiative S.A. “The exhibition is called In Search of Lost Time. The Poseidonion, with its Belle Epoque splendour, has a Baudelairian feel, as does the island of Spetses