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ELYSEE – Charter your dream this summer

Paris born Elisabeth Bourdon chose to settle in Athens and manages her international yachting agency from Greece, the country she believes is the most beautiful, inspiring and central location of the Mediterranean. ELYSEE Yachts has evolved into one of the most exclusive and renowned yachting agencies. We asked Elisabeth Bourdon a few questions about the dazzling world of yachting.

Elisabeth, what is yachting all about?Yachting is experiencing true luxury, a total sense of freedom, a vital disconnection from everyday life, the opportunity to observe stunning surroundings, and the tremendous benefits that come with revitalising your body and soul at sea. Just imagine yourself moored in Capri or anchored in a stunning creek in Mykonos with those close to you. This is the moment that you have always dreamt of, and you can honestly say: it can’t get any better than this! A rare moment to share with your family and friends. Modern day heroes need to escape from the pressure of everyday life from time to time. Yachting offers the best way to recharge their batteries in a super efficient way before a new round of duties begins. A “Better than SPA” experience. No wonder it suits so many people.

Why did you choose Greece? Every experienced yachtsman would be able to answer this. This part of the world is the ultimate playground for those who love this sport. I so love this country – it has it all: sea, sun, fun, the most beautiful scenery, the best beaches and the most stunning hideaways, along with culture, history, gastronomy… and so much more. Greece is also one the very few regions to offer an 8-month season. Elysee Ltd. is able to efficiently manage a truly international agency from here, one that fulfils the yachting dreams of our clients in every part of the world. We are conveniently located in the very centre of the Mediterranean and operate in every part of it from here. 

Elysee has become a reference point in yacht sales as well… It is true that ELYSEE Ltd. has an excellent knowledge of the international market through an excellent network of yacht owners, managers, crews and collaborators worldwide. We have an excellent portfolio of pre-owned yachts and are in privileged contact with their owners or managers, and also have extensive experience in delivering new builds. We specialise in bringing the best deals to our clients and keeping owners happy.

Which are your preferred brands? We proudly represent Wim Van Der Valk, Cerri Cantieri Navali and Johnson Yachts, which produce some very fine semi-custom and custom yachts. We also enjoy a privileged relationship with some of the very best shipyards, yacht constructors and designers around the world, including ICON Shipyard, Mondo Marine, Baglietto, Bertram, San Lorenzo, ISA, Heesen and more. A buyer’s idea of the perfect yacht depends on his/her tastes, needs, wishes and budget. Worldwide, celebrated designers and naval architects collaborate with us to fulfil the dreams of our very special and demanding clients.

Elysee, what is your message to our readers? CHARTER your dream this summer! ELYSEE Yachts handles a large portfolio of yachts for charter in all sizes and in every corner of the world. From the very private cruiser for honeymooners to the largest and most exclusive super yachts, we have a boat for everyone and for every budget. We serve each of our distinguished guests with passion and care and with complete confidentiality. If you are considering purchasing a yacht, summer is the perfect time to try out your dream yacht on a charter. Spend some quality time with your family and friends before taking the big step. At ELYSEE Ltd., we have an excellent knowledge of the worldwide market and a wonderful network of fine yachts, dedicated crews, and excellent collaborators who deliver the perfect service. We specialize in bringing the very best of yachting and bespoke service to our clients. We are dedicated to delivering the very best.

Welcome aboard with ELYSEE YACHTS Ltd.


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