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Eirini Vergitsi – One Homeland…Many Moments

“The first time I went to Ermioni I was just an infant,” says Eirini Vergitsi, looking at me with the piercing, sparkling look that light up her entire face each time she speaks of her mother’s homeland. Locals still call her “Captain Antonis Katsogeorgis’ granddaughter”. Her grandfather had supported the region and dynamically contributed to its development. Ermioni is a close-knit and loving society,” continues the young artist, betraying her deep love for the area, which she visits with friends and family at every opportunity. On a recent trip, I followed Eirini’s advice and visited the archaeological site at Bisti, the homonymous forest, the incredible Monastery of Agion Anargyron and the historic Folklore Museum. In addition to her sightseeing tips, she told me about a new museum in Ermioni, featuring traditional toys owned by residents dating as far back as 1920.

She also suggested I try the seafood cuisine and salads at Spyrantreas and the traditional dishes at Ganosis. On hot summer evenings, she enjoys the Yacht Café All Day Bar and Café at the port, or Milos, on the hillside opposite the harbour, with a view of Hydra. For cool cocktails, she proposed the Casa Dei, on the Mandrakia side of Ermioni, and for summer dips she raved about the beach at Maderi and the small isolated rocky coves at “Baniera” in Bitsi. For the artist, Ermioni is a refuge, a place where she composes herself, relaxes and makes professional plans. Eirini, who graduated from the University for the Creative Arts with a BA HONS in Fashion Promotion and Illustration, and took courses in Painted & Printed Textiles and Costume Design at Central St. Martins, had her first solo exhibition at the Hydrotechnon Gallery, and participated in the Athens Cowparade in 2005 with the Spidercrow cow. Her painting, Disagreement, was auctioned by the Desmos Non- Profit Organisation at the Art of Giving event. Eirini Vergitsi is currently preparing a new exhibition of acrylic works featuring elaborate kaleidoscopic patterns in ink. _Irini Zournatzi