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Dance of the Sences

Αre you in Spetses for the Armata Festival? The 3  Stoli Cocktails of Armata Festival 2013 that Votsalo recommends are:

– If you are in love and you are in Spetses together with your soulmate come and drink, Cherries in paradise (Stoli, cherry, orange juice, pineapple juice). As its name says, you go straight to heaven…

– If you are solo on the island come and drink in Votsalo, Jasmine festival (Stoli, jasmine, lime, cointreau) and treat whoever you attracted off another one. That’s how an an interesting acquaintance begins …

– If you want a little adventure to your vacation days, drink a Red berry (Stoli red, red berries fruit, tea, cranberry juice) … Feel the passion overwhelm you ….

Be sure you will not leave Votsalo, alone!!!


Espresso Costail Bar

79, St.Niarchou,

Spetses, 22980

T:22980 73031