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Constantine Manos: A Greek portfolio 50 years later

Rendering homage to Constantine Manos, prominent artist of the Greek Diaspora, the Benaki Museum presents an exhibition / tribute to his renowned photographic series A Greek Portfolio. With his exquisite images Manos invites us to travel with him to remote villages and islands of Greece in the nineteen sixties, where, in a landscape of simple farm life and tranquillity, poor yet proud people struggle to survive with dignity, dedicated to a way of life that hadn’t changed for centuries.


His photographs crystallise fleeting everyday moments, in a spare and austere style, which is nevertheless tender, without any pompous rhetoric. Marking the 50th anniversary of putting together A Greek Portfolio, Constantine Manos re-examines the shots he took during the period 1961-1964 (to which he added more in 1967), when he travelled the breadth and length of his parents’ country, “as a friendly observer”, he stated, “with no rush or specific plan” and offers a different reading of his material. The first part of the exhibition presents a group of original prints of his photographs, which he chose himself in 1972 to illustrate the portfolio of the same name. In the second part the themes were selected from amongst 219 original prints, which the photographer recently donated to the Museum’s Photographic Archive, and which he did not include in his composition of A Greek Portfolio.

Duration: Until 25/08/2013

Place:Athens, Benaki Museum, Main Building

Tickets: € 5, € 3