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Colin Scott – Chivas Regal Master Blender

Colin Scott, our Master Blender is the custodian of the signature Chivas Regal style, from which in 1997 he created Chivas 18, and then in 2007 had the honour of re-creating Chivas Regal 25 Year Old. Growing up around an Orkney distillery, it could be said that he was destined for the role, having been born into a family of two generations involved in the Scotch whisky business. Colin joined Chivas in 1973, and later, under the guidance of Master Blender Jimmy Lang, learnt all about the Chivas traditions in the art of blending and their house style of smoothness and richness. On Jimmy’s retirement, Colin became the Chivas Master Blender in 1989.


What is the best way to enjoy a Chivas? Does this also depend in the age of the whisky?

At Chivas Brothers we always say the best way to drink whisky is the way you like it most. It is a personal preference. Chivas Regal fans drink it very differently depending what country they are in and how they feel – with ice, with water, neat, with mixers or whatever, there are no rules to your enjoyment of Chivas Regal. However, I would recommend the addition of a small amount of still bottled water to release the many delicious flavours hidden behind the alcohol. Drinking Scotch is a most enjoyable pastime, but it is most important to understand that drinking is for pleasure and friendship and it must be carried out responsibly. What better place in the world to enjoy a Chivas than on the Greek islands, looking across the sea at an incredible sunset with friends.

Would you match whisky with a meal? And what kind of dishes would a Chivas Regal match with?

The idea of matching whisky with food has recently grown in popularity with many whisky themed dinners taking place around the world. Both whiskies and food dishes have a wealth of different flavours and so it is natural that they work together to present another dimension of enjoyment. The style of Chivas Regal with its smooth, rich flavours compliments many different dishes either at lunch or dinner.Chivas Regal 12yo – perfect with sea-food such as scallops or sea bass. Also excellent with chicken dishes.Chivas Regal 18yo – mouth-wateringly delicious with dark chocolate puddings and pies, but also ideal with steaks. Chivas Regal 25yo – relax towards the end of dinner with extra aged yellow cheese accompanied with dried raisins, sultanas and figs.

We notice that Chivas range starts from 12yo whisky and older. Is there a specific reason for that? What does this mean for the commitment and the passion behind the brand?

The strength of the Chivas Regal range is that every bottle carries the age statement of either 12 years old; 18 years old or 25 years old, legally guaranteeing that there is no whisky less than the stated age in that bottle. The team behind Chivas Regal has a history of tradition and craftsmanship that is built on excellence and passion. We have always strived to create a whisky that is unrivalled in taste and allowing ample time for the maturation process is one of ways we can make sure each glass of Chivas is as rich and smooth as the next.