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Bluefield Burger on Spetses

Following a successful career in Greek showbiz, charming Noni Dounia decided to open her own restaurant on the cosmopolitan island of Spetses. Bluefield Burgers is located in an area featuring the traditional architecture of Spetses, where white, grey and pale green are the dominant colours. Noni Dounia explains, “Our love for good food, the flavourful propositions of Bluefield Burgers and the prominent rental space on Rologiou Square (Clock Square) are the factors that led to this decision. I would like to warmly thank my fellow compatriots for their love and support of my efforts. I’ve been an avid fan of Bluefield Burgers for many years, enjoying their unparalleled burgers, fresh salads, hot dogs and appetizers. I’m very pleased to be bringing the restaurant to Spetses.

This beautiful island holds some of my best memories: carefree childhood summers, teenage escapes, my wedding and the christenings of both my children took place here.” Bluefield Burgers maintains an American tradition, enriched nevertheless by Mediterranean influences, making new propositions that become part of our lives. Noni adds, “Our philosophy is simple: to create a high quality burger based on the healthy Mediterranean Diet! Each bite tickles the palate with handpicked herbs, local vegetables and fresh – never frozen – 100% beef. We bake our own bread daily. This tasty feast is complemented by homemade sauce, prepared each day in our restaurants. We offer our customers an excellent value for money.” Be sure to sample the Portobello mushroom burger with roasted peppers and Maple Dijon sauce, the Harlem hot dog with caramelised onions and cheddar cheese, the Grilled Lemon chicken burger, the Bluefield salad with pink pepper from Brazil and the New York macaroni salad.

Bluefield Burger, Clock Square, Spetses 22980 73388