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Aristophanes, Peace, National Theatre of Northern Greece

The clouds of war are gathered over Greece. Peace is nowhere to be found. The Athenian vine-grower Trygaeus sets off in search of the much-missed goddess of peace. A huge beetle flies him up to Zeus’s neck of the woods, where War is preparing for total annihilation. Trygaeus tricks him, joins forces with Hermes and, with the help of the Chorus, sets Peace free. Vasilis Charalambopoulos and Fanis Mouratidis star in the ever-relevant Peace (421 BC), in which Aristophanes condemns war and extols the virtues of rural life while parodying the theatre of his age.

 Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

26-27 July, 21:00

Ticket Prices

45€ (VIP)

40€ (Zone A)

25€ (Zone B)

13€ (Students)

13€ (Upper tier, people with movement difficulties)