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Aristophane, Ploutos and Dionysis Savvopoulos

Dionysis Savvopoulos and a superb cast give us their imaginative take on Plutus (388 BC), Aristophanes’ satire on Man’s dreams of material riches. Plutus, the old god of wealth, wanders about sightless and in rags. Zeus blinded him because he threatened to bestow his gifts only on the virtuous. When Chremylos the Athenian helps him regain his sight, everyone is suddenly rich. The great comic poet provides Plutus with an opposite number: Penia, the goddess of poverty. Like the good teacher she is, Penia will try to persuade the world that money does not bring happiness. But who will pay heed to her?

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Aristophane, Ploutos

12-13 July, 21:00


VIP: 45€

Zone Α: 35€

Zone Β: 25€, 15€ (students)

Upper tier: 10€, 5€ (students, unemployed, people with movement difficulties)