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Amanzoe Villas – Luxury living at its very best

Three years ago a dream and business vision called Amanzoe, came to life. The first Aman Resort in Greece lies on a verdant hilltop in Ermionidaand is the first branded luxury resort in the country, which also offers premium, branded, residences for sale. From its very first year of operation, the Amanzoe has been included on the best lists of major international publications, earning rave reviews and awards for its impeccable service, stunning architecture and the underlying Aman principle: “the wish of each guest must be fulfilled”. These are but a few reasons that the resort is considered one of the best in the Mediterranean and among the top 3 of the 26 popular Amanresorts. As the first luxury resort in the country with premium branded residences for sale which are managed by Amanresorts, the Amanzoe currently offers 4 villas for rental, while an additional 4 are under construction. In a lush natural environment amidst centuries old olive groves, with a background comprising of bright white sky and the blue water of the Saronic Gulf, the Amanzoe villas retain the architectural style and décor of the Amanzoe resort, and are designed by Ed Tuttle, the architect of the hotel, in cooperation with each ownerConstruction only takes place after the sale, and Amanresorts manages the residences, trains staff, provides security and maintenance, and offers the villa for rental through the hotel, should the owner so desire. The villas feature their own year-roundstaff, , which is highly trained to provide services in accordance with the philosophy of Amanresorts. Other hotel services and amenities are offered to the owners of the villas through the hotel. It is now possible to experience the ultimate Aman (which means peaceful in Greek) hospitality in a purely Hellenic environment, with exclusive residential benefits for a uniquely relaxing stay and peace of mind.

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