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Amanzoe-Made in Heaven

Drawing its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for “peace” and “zoe” the Greek word for life, Amanzoe is situated on the highest hills of Agios Panteleimonas, just outside the town of Kranidi, amongst centuries old olive groves, boasting panoramic views of the surrounding region.The dawn of August 1, 2012 foreshadowed a typical Greek summer day. However humid and hot, it was the culmination of a hard working 4-year period; Amanzoe became real and it was ready to welcome its first customers, a couple from France. That morning, nothing could wipe the smile off our faces. We had put forth our best efforts to make the Amanzoe vision come true and now we were a little puzzled; only a few hours ago a number of craftsmen and laborers were working feverishly all over the site. From that morning on, our team was not responsible anymore, instead, Amanresorts, the operating company had taken over. What would we encounter?


Miraculously all equipment had vanished overnight, the roads were washed and in the morning the hotel was gleaming and it was show time! It is a morning I will never forget: After nearly a month of literally living in a construction site, I walked towards the Port Cochere, the main building complex, to find a staff member kindly offering me a cold towel along with fine lavender blossoms and a refreshing welcome mint drink to help me decompress and acclimate to the heat and humidity. “What a lovely beginning!” did I think, “just like in any other Amanresort in the world”. A short while afterwards, the traditional Greek blessing ceremony was performed and amidst a very emotional atmosphere Amanzoe came to life. Drawing its name, from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’ and ‘zoe’ the Greek word for ‘life’, Amanzoe is situated on the highest hills of Agios Panteleimonas, just outside the town of Kranidi, amongst centuries old olive groves, boasting panoramic views of the surrounding region, the mountains and the plains, all the way to the cosmopolitan island of Spetses, the quaint town of Porto Heli and the Saronic Gulf.There are 38 pavilions lying on both sides of the main building complex, all with their own private 6m or 12m pool, separate toilets for men and women, dressing areas, a fireplace, an interior space of 100 m² and their own terrace, with a pergola and a lounge area, of 100 m² as well. One could easily think of each pavilion as an ultra- luxurious, fully equipped house: an espresso machine, a refrigerator fully stocked with complimentary food and beverages, homemade sweet and savory snacks, fresh white hydrangeas renewed on a daily basis, sunscreen and mosquito repellent lotions, candles and endless supplies of fluffy towels. At dusk, a mesmerizing “scent of Greece” from all the fine herbs fills the air, nicely blending in with the refreshing and rejuvenating smells of the orange scented bathroom amenities. The atmosphere is so relaxing and cozy that you will never want to leave… Now that I am back in Athens, the two things I am mostly reminiscent of are the Spa and at the Beach Club, which I recall with feelings of true happiness and great joy. When it comes to the Spa, it is not the fact that it is the biggest or the best spa of Amanresorts, neither the exquisite organic products manufactured in Australia which I miss the most. What makes this experience unsurpassed is the divine touch of the therapists, who have eagerly learnt the Asian techniques of well-being and perform them in a truly perceptive way. I very much enjoyed the flawless rituals, the steam baths in every room, the soothing music, the incenses, the relaxing area and most of all, some of the best massages I ever received, despite the fact that I was always in a hurry and the therapists were trying to complete the treatment in a stressful atmosphere. And when it comes to the Beach Club, words are not enough: not only does it serve the best thin crust pizza in Greece (yes it does!), but it is also the perfect place for lounging. Imagine the setting: chill-out music, masterfully mixed cocktails, cold towels provided on a regular basis, two 25m pools which are perfect for laps, a plethora of non-motorized water sports and the most dramatic backdrop for a sunset… If you feel like exploring the beautiful neighboring islets and swimming at the remote coves by the enchanting coastline, the WallyOne (the first ever produced) and the Pershing 42 are offered for rent to hotel clients and Aman Club members, which so far is by invitation only.If I were on holidays at Amanzoe, besides enjoying the resort, I would visit the island of Spetses, a friend’s house, a small tavern in Kilada or Ermioni; I would go to Porto Heli for water ski, have a picnic in Epidaurus or take a walk in Nafplion; I would spend my days in my soothing pavilion, pamper myself in spa treatments and pilates sessions,read books in the peaceful library; I would swim and canoe at the Beach Club, feast my eyes on the spectacular sunset savoring a well-chilled Chardonnay at the lounge bar and try outfits and jewelry with the signature of Greek designers at the resort’s Boutique; I would follow a healthy Mediterranean diet, with freshly cooked dishes based on products from local organic farms whenever possible; every day I would eat the fresh harvested eggs, the exceptional quality fresh catch of the day and I would always complete my meal with a cooling mint sorbet… and sometimes I would even ask the Chef for an Asian cuisine dish. The perfect detox and perfect decompression! tel: +302754772888