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Amanresorts.The stuff that dreams are made of.

Ιf you hear Adrian Zecha tell the story of how Amanresorts was born, you can’t help but find yourself captivated by the tale, and just get engrossed into the fantasy. Amanresorts came into being in a rather “accidental” way back in the 80’s. Back then there was only one daily flight from Bangkok to Phuket, and Phuket was still kind of a boho chic heaven, with dazzling beaches, pristine nature and beautiful traditions.

On one of their travels to the island, Adrian and his wife Bibi, decided that this would be the place to have a second home, a sanctuary far away from the bustling Asian metropolis they used to live in– they embarked on a quest for the perfect location, and fell in love with an elevated coconut plantation on a peninsula with stunning vistas, extending all the way onto Pansea beach, a place which was known primarily for its powder soft sand and welcoming turquoise waters with palm trees all the way to the edge of the water.

They invited their dear friend architect Ed Tuttle to design a house for them taking advantage of the views, the stunning location and incorporating all the local traditional elements. Amanpuri was build out of a ‘necessity’ in 1988, and today 23 years later, it still is the flagship Amanresort, a place of endless charm and character, which stays dear to its values, provides impeccable service, and is pretty much the one resort which established the term ‘villas serviced by the hotel’, and opened up an entire new ‘chapter’ in the tourism and real estate industry with dedicated followers: the so called “Amanjunkies”. It was thanks to Adrian’s vision and character, that Amanresorts revolutionized the industry, and after the first Aman was born nothing was ever the same anymore:Aman became the new chic, a sanctuary for the body and soul, synonymous with impeccable taste, understated elegance and unsurpassed service.