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A Voyage Into Light: Photographs Of Greece

“As a multi-national living and working in Greece during the most important period of its development in recent times, I have come to believe that for this country the issue is much deeper than the economic crisis; it is rooted in the change of values of the individual and in society.The objective for this project is to convey the importance of creativity and cultural awareness through art exhibitions and courses.


A Voyage into Light, an exhibition showcasing some of the biggest names in photography; and workshop with the William Abranowicz whose work is included in some of the world’s most esteemed private, public and cooperate collections (The Smithsonian, The National Portrait Gallery in London, The Getty Museum…) is about giving hope to people because they will be learning to see what is already in front of them with a fresh eye; and to encourage them to actively participate in shaping things to come in a very fun and creative way! With the Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses and with the team from The Athens House of Photography (who recently founded Phototheatron, gallery and studio) our goal is to promote cultural activities in our area. Greece-Porto Heli and Spetses are seeped in character and light and the whole concept behind this project is to promote our culture, which our country is in great need of, through creative pursuits and by “drawing” from its natural beauty which is so often taken for granted. I want to inspire the people that live here and refresh their senses and pride in their heritage as well, through activities such as the exhibition and workshop on HELLAS.”