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Red Bull Art of Motion: The Final

18 of the world’s best freerunning athletes will be returning to the dream island of Santorini (Greece) for the third year in a row. On September 14 they will be ready to impress the crowd with their tricks, runs and drops. The athletes are:

Erica Madrid – USA

Luis Alkmin – Portugal

Pool Vincent “Vinnie” Coryell – USA

Bart van der Linden – The Netherlands

Dimitris Kirsanidis – Greece

Alexander Baitunin – Russia

Alexander Zyulev – Russia.

Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson – Sweeden

Aleksandra “Sheva” Shevchenko – Russia

Pamela Forster – Austria Yoann Leroux – France

Joel Eggimann – Switzerland

 Jesse La Flair – USA

Stanislavs “Stats” Lazdans – Latvia

Luke Madigan -United Kingdom

Pavels “Pasha” Petkuns -Latvia

Cory De Meyers -USA

Daniel Mircea – Greece