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4th Spetses Mini Marathon

With a record-breaking number of participants and with more visitors than any other year the 4th Spetses mini Marathon has come to an end. For three days (10-12 October) the sun-drenched island of Spetses welcomed more than 10.000 visitors and athletes, both professional and amateur, who experienced what is undoubtedly the largest non-urban marathon in Greece. The 4th Spetses mini Marathon, organized by CommunicationLab, took place under the auspices of the GNTO and the Municipality of Spetses and attracted more than 10.000 visitors to the beautiful island of the Argosaronic Gulf. More than 5.000 athletes participated in all of the events (5k Run, 10k and 25k Run, Spetses Cross Channel Swim 3k and 5k, 1k Kids Swim and 500m Kids Run ‘MyfirstSpetsesminiMarathon’). It all began with the opening ceremony at the Anargyreios and Korgialeneios College of Spetses.


The Hellenic Olympic Winners Association was present as well as professional athletes such as Spyros Yanniotis, Pericles Iakovakis, Sofia Bekatorou, Athanasia Tsoumeleka, Yannis Drymonakos and Christos Bofilios, amateurs from many countries as well as diplomats, Greek and foreign journalists from international networks and many organized runners of sports associations and companies working in Greece. A great honour was having Paralympic athletes Alexandros Taxildaris and Makis Kalaras as well as Christos Konstantakopoulos representing “Perpato” (Association for People with Kinetic Disabilities). This team took part in the 10k and 25k Runs, receiving warm applause from all the athletes and spectators while also receiving the special ING Award from our Golden Sponsor, which was presented for the third year running and which honours the values of fair play and athleticism.