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30 Facts to Know About Amanzoe

  • What does Amanzoe mean?
    “Peaceful life.” It is derived from the sanskrit word “aman” meaning “peaceful” and the Greek word “zoe” meaning “life.”
  • Who owns the Amanzoe?
    A subsidiary of Dolphin Capital Investors (
  • Who manages the Amanzoe?
    The Amanzoe Resorts Group (
  • How large is the resort?
    960,000 m2.
  • When was the first piece of land purchased in the area?
    The first purchase was made in 2006. In total, almost 50 purchases were made.
  • Which company undertook the construction?
    The project was awarded to Domotechniki S.A. after they won the RFP.
  • How long did the construction take?
    28 months: it began in March 2010 and was completed in June 2012.
  • Who was the architect of the Αmanzoe?
    The renowned Amanresorts architect, Ed Tuttle.
  • Who was involved with the interior design?
    Ed Tuttle worked on the interior design and was involved with every detail with respect to the equipment for the hotel.
  • How big is the hotel?
    17,100 m2.
  • How much marble was used?
    26,500 m2.
  • How much stone was used?
    33,000 m2.
  • How many columns are there?
  • What is the height of the dome in the library?
    9,35 m.
  • How many books does our library have?
  • What is the field of view?
    360° panoramic views: 300° with a view of the sea and 60° with a view of the olive groves and vineyard.
  • At what altitude is the resort?
    It starts at sea level and reaches 183 m.
  • How long is the beach?
    175 m.
  • When is the hotel open for business?
    It is open year-round.
  • How many people are employed at the resort?
    190 full-time, i.e. 5 per room.
  • How many olive trees are there at the Αmanzoe?
    350: 250 were already on site a further 100 were planted.
  • How old is the oldest olive tree?
    800 years old.
  • What is Amanzoe planted with?
    Greek herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and lavender, wild bushes, agapanthus, jasmin, cypress trees and citrus trees among others.
  • How many rooms are there in total and how many have a private pool?
    There are 38 suites, each one with either a 12 m. or a 6 m. pool.
  • Are there any other accommodation options?
    Τhe Aman Villas are available for sale and rent.
  • How large are the resort pools?
    The main pool is 25m. Χ 12m and the Beach Club Pool is 50m. Χ 6m.
  • How long is the reflection pool?
    The reflection pool is 70m long.
  • How many restaurants are there at the resort?
    In total, 4: the main restaurant, the pool restaurant, the lounge bar and the Beach Club restaurant.
  • How large is the spa?
    The spa is 1,400 m² and is comprised of 7 double treatment rooms with a Turkish bath, a separate Turkish bath, watsu pool and hairdresser.
  • Are there any other facilities?
    There are 2 outdoor tennis courts, a fully equipped gym with pilates equipment, a yoga studio, a library, an art gallery and a boutique.