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2nd Tweed Run in Spetses

This fascinating event of old-style cycling started in London in 2009 and has already become a tradition expanding to the most important metropolises around the world. After its successful opening in Greece last November, it was held again in Spetses! Once more, style and elegance took to the streets of our favourite island of the Argosaronic Gulf, and eyes were locked on the vintage bicycles and the elegant “tweed” participants.


The splendid Poseidonion Grand Hotel was again responsible for the initiative and the event’s organization and has become synonymous to the finesse associated with the Tweed Run tradition. On the 28th & 29th March, people from Spetses, Athens as well as fans from all over Greece and abroad, followed again the relaxed tempo of the “Tweed Run”. The island was overflowing with Tweed Run enthusiasts who, following the example of the British event, had carefully spruced up their classic bicycles and chosen their elegant “tweed” clothing, living moments of carefree gaiety with a large group of friends. The relaxed, spring ride in the nature of Spetses, the tea break and picnic stop with a selection of delicious snacks, the ceremony for Best Vintage Bicycle and Best Dressed Prizes which was held in an enthusiastic atmosphere, and the lively jazz music events, livened up once again the stately island of Spetses.