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10 best Christmas films

Some are old same are new, all of them are classics. What makes a Christmas classic? Watch-ability, suitability and it has to have something for everyone. Watching a familiar Christmas movie during the holidays has the same warm fuzzy safe feeling as curling up beside a log fire.


A modern classic, it’s also Will Ferrell’s best film. Quite, intelligent and above all funny, it has the all-too-rare attribute these days of appealing to everyone. It’s extremely funny without ever stooping to lower levels of humour.


Miracle on 34th

The 1947 version is by far the better. It may be difficult to get the kids to sit through a black and white film these days but if you can, the rewards are great. Maureen O’Hara is bound to keep Dad from dozing off too.



Sometimes over-looked as a Christmas film, it’s packed full of metaphor and allegory. Funny, raucous, and tense you’ll have forgotten just how good it is. Gremlins II is definitely worth a rewatch, as a sequel it matches the first.


The Snowman

Brilliant animation of Raymond Briggs’ iconic Christmas book it’s a Christmas classic that should be part of every families tradition. Bonus magical Bowie moment at the beginning never, ever gets old.

The Polar Express

This film opened to mixed reviews but has since gone n to get the recognition it deserves. The animation looks a little dated but the writing, Tom Hanks’ voice work and the deft handling of darker themes throughout make it far far better than the average Christmas film.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Emmy Award-winning TV special of the Charlie Brown cartoon based on the Peanuts Comic strip is full of the dry humour we’ve come to love over the years. There’s a valuable and heart-warming message for everyone in this.

It’s A Wonderful Life

Probably comes top of everyone’s Christmas film list it positively oozes Christmas cheer. It never gets old and never fails to lift the spirits of even the most miserable scrooges at Christmas time.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s best film is perfect for kids of all ages, beautiful animation, plenty of action, humour and the trademark macabre we’ve come to know so well. Not starring Helen Bonham-Carter.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Disney went back to what they did best in 1984 and while the film itself seems a little forced, the characters themselves are strong enough to carry the whole feature length film. Kids just love Mickey Mouse.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The hands-down winner of all the films on this list. It is funny, sensitive heart-warming and sad, Michael Caine turns in an Oscar-worthy performance as Scrooge full of pathos, puppetry and story telling at it’s very best.